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Integrity Checking

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Integrity Checking

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Integrity Checking

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When either the main Trojan Remover program, the FastScan, or the Updater program are started, Trojan Remover carries out an internal check of all its core program files. This is a very important step in ensuring that the files have not been tampered with or virally infected. It is recommended to leave this option enabled.


On occasions these checks can take some time (often because a firewall needs to be told to grant permission for Trojan Remover to access the Internet). If you find that the delay caused by Integrity Checking is too great you can disable this option by starting Trojan Remover and selecting Settings | Scan Settings. Click on Perform Integrity Checking at Startup to turn this option off - the green tick will turn into a red cross to show that the option has been disabled. Note: this will mean that, if any of Trojan Remover's program files are compromised, Trojan Remover will be unable to alert you. To turn this option back on click on Perform Integrity Checking at Startup again.


Note: the option to disable Integrity Checking will only work on a registered copy of Trojan Remover.